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Double The Power – No Recoil – Greater Maneuverability – Ideal For Travelling –

Consistent  Accuracy  – Easy To Load



What’s the Roller Power Head Kit?

It’s a muzzle kit designed to convert any Euro/South African speargun with a cylindrical removable muzzle, to a roller speargun.

The kit costs A$ 199 + freight

Fitting $ 55 (optional)

Optional second rubber 14 or16mm (to be used with an 8mm shaft)  $ 45

The Kit includes the Roller Power Head (black or red), a barrel adaptor, dyneema line, rubbers of your choice (14-16 or 18mm), 316 stainless steel fittings and DIY instructions.


 Which spearguns will it fit?

There is 7 different adaptors to suit a variety of aluminium, composite, carbon fibre rail guns. When placing the order simply specify the speargun model in order to receive the right adaptor.

A kit is also available for wooden guns.

How do I order my Roller Power Head kit?

In the email specify the following :

1) Speargun model or barrel ID (Internal Dimensions)

2) Barrel length ( EG 100 – 110 cm)

3) Rubbers thickness (14 – 16 or 18mm)

4) Delivery address

For all orders just email or ring –  0416 221 640. 

International and dealer enquires welcome .


Roller speargun  Roller speargun  Roller speargun

How is the extra power achieved using only one rubber?

On a conventional speargun, rubbers take up on average 30-40% of the barrel length therefore utilizing effectively only 60-70% of the barrel length, as the power starts from the wishbone all the way to the last notch or shark fin of the spear shaft.

On the other hand the Roller Power Head lets you utilize the full length of the barrel plus  an extra 10-20% more power thanks to the pre tensioned rubbers underneath.

Thanks to this setting the spear shaft is accompanied all the way to the end of the barrel with greater force especially at end, resulting in a lot  more speed and momentum, greater range and punching power at the end of the range, with less shaft whip and consistent accuracy.

No recoil

With Roller Power Head kit, the wishbones come to an instant halt on the stainless bridge and in conjunction with the rubbers pulling in the opposite direction of the spear shaft  this helps neutralize majority of the actual recoil.

Ideal speargun to travel with

We all know airlines are getting stricter on luggage weight and dimensions.  A  roller gun will achieve the same performance of guns 40-50% longer (depending on the setup),  this means you can travel on a plane with a blue water speargun that is shorter and lighter and more versatile then the classic heavy and long blue water spearguns.

Superior maneuverability

With Roller Power Head kit fitted you will achieve the power of longer spearguns in a short compact speargun that is more maneuverable through the water. This can be a great advantage especially in current, rough conditions, caves or with fast moving fish.

Easier to load

Thanks to more power being generated and with the help of the pulley system, this conversion is ideal for women and  teenagers with less muscle force than adults. E.G a short 90-100 cm speargun fitted with 14mm rubbers will have lots of power for all round conditions, yet extremely easy to load.

What’s the best rubber & speargun size to covert?

14 mm Rubber is best  for the reef and the odd big fish

16 mm Rubber is ideal for both: blue water / reef

18 mm Rubber (blue water only)

A 90 cm roller speargun fitted with 14mm is ideal for small to medium size fish up to 20-30 kg. This is equivalent to a 120-130cm standard speargun.

A 100 cm roller speargun fitted with 16mm is great as an all round speargun, great for reef fish to the odd big fish (Kingfish, Jew fish, Spanish mackerel etc.) This size is equivalent to a 140 – 150 cm standard speargun.

A 110 cm roller speargun is generally used for blue water applications with a 16 or 18mm rubber. This size is equivalent to a 150 – 160 cm standard speargun.

An optional wrist loader is available to help divers load longer models.

More power

The kit can be powered up further with a second standard rubber (not going through the rollers)

This set up will propel an 8 mm shaft out at very high speed best suited for big pelagics (Wahoo,Tuna,Sailfish,Marlin). 

Option 1)  Most popular ( 16mm main rubber + 14 mm additional rubber) to be used with a 8 mm shaft

Option 2)  For max power (18mm main rubber + 16 mm additional rubber) to be used with a 8 – 8.5 mm shaft

Roller speargun double rubber


All parts used for the manufacture of the Roller Power Head are made in Australia from corrosion resistant materials and require virtually no maintenance. The kit has passed rigorous testing for the last 3 years, including no rinsing in fresh water for 12 months.

The muzzle is machined from a solid block of acetal, and all the metal fittings are made from 316 stainless. The low friction bearings are made out of nylon with glass balls.

This ensures many years of trouble free use.


14mm rubber (suitable for shafts from 6.3 – 7mm) single or double wrap of shooting line

16 mm rubber (suitable for shafts from 7 – 7.3mm) 2 wraps of shooting line (no reel)  or one wrap of shooting line with a reel fitted

18 mm rubber (suitable for shafts  7 – 8mm) 2 wraps of shooting line




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